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Providing Solutions for Healthcare

Analyzing Scans
MultiTech Solutions Inc.
MultiTech is a business consulting and software development company specializing in healthcare solutions for vendors and larger institutions such as teaching hospitals and research labs. In addition to the conventional medical imaging and image processing, we develop and code complex algorithms in medical physics, artificial intelligence, microbiology, virology, bacteriology and immunology..
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Test Tubes
A history of client oriented services
For over 20 years, we have been providing patient and healthcare professional centric solutions. MultiTech’s specialized offerings and consultancy have kept up with the ever-changing requirements of the medical community and the technology delivering it. We have done so with an eye on future-proofing the solutions for our clients.

Our products are currently installed at thousands of sites worldwide, networked with all major modalities and vendors in almost all of the countries where digital medical devices exist.

The largest cloud storage of medical images in North America is running on MultiTech's technology. Currently, the storage is securing 33+ billion images from 350+ million studies with a storage size of 80+ Petabytes. 900+ clinics and hospitals and their healthcare providers depend on it for data safeguarding, disaster recovery and business continuity while providing quality care to their patients.
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