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We bridge the gap between the life sciences and technology for the biotech industry through our bioinformatics and big-data analysis services. Some of the sample applications include
  • Discovering exons and coding segments,
  • Interpreting homologies and distant relationships,
  • Finding ORFs (open reading frames),
  • Analyzing cell signal cascades and pathways,
  • Differentiating among commensal and pathogenic strains of microbes, such as S. aureus and E. coli.
  • Identifying repetitive DNA such as LINEs and SINEs (long and short interspersed nuclear elements),
  • Modeling CRISPR and other genetic engineering tools through restriction mapping,
  • Evaluating applicability of lab results obtained from animal models to humans through multiple sequence alignments.


We interface with the client's proprietary as well as public domain databases, such as NCBI and GISAID, through secure HTML protocols. The data is handled according to the strict HIPAA guidelines for security and privacy. The results are also transmitted to the clients through secure portals.
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