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msiCOM3, our DICOM/IHE Toolkit, is a lean object oriented Application Programming Interface (API) that abstracts the low-level details of both DICOM and IHE. DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the de facto global standard for digital imaging in medicine and homeland security. On the other hand, IHE (Integrated Healthcare Enterprise) is a protocol for assimilating the disparate digital devices that constitute a medical enterprise. IHE is built upon the infrastructure of DICOM.
In addition to the third-party commercial application developers, the Toolkit is also used internally for the large number of turnkey consultancy projects delivered by MultiTech to the OEM vendors and large medical institutions. The tech support personnel are experienced in developing solutions for the medical enterprise and understand its complexity rather than just the programming details of the Toolkit.


The Toolkit is being used currently in thousands of sites around the world. It is at the core of the largest medical image cloud storage in North America, which utilizes the robust, optimized, fault tolerant, multithreaded and multiprocess features of msiCOM3 for sustained massive data transfers to and from multiple devices simultaneously.

msiCOM3 has been tested against every major vendor in all modalities. The Toolkit has been a part of every IHE validation and demonstration at the RSNA and HIMSS meetings. Applications written with the Toolkit have passed all the stringent compliance tests mandated by IHE.

The Toolkit is constantly updated to keep up with the latest releases of the DICOM standard and IHE profiles. It supports all published DICOM Service Classes in all Transfer Syntaxes. Similarly, it supports all IHE profiles.

msiCOM3 is available in C/C++ and C# for Windows and all major Linux/Unix operating systems. The applications developed with the Toolkit are source code compatible across all supported platforms. That means, the source code developed on one platform can be copied to another and compiled without any changes.

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