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Medical Imaging

In addition to the post-acquisition imaging processing, we develop complex math and medical physics algorithms for the medical devices manufacturers. We also integrate the image acquisition modalities and therapy machines with the enterprise network through the standard DICOM and HL7 protocols. Some of the sample applications for integration include
  • Retrieve Modality Worklists from RIS servers,
  • Perform Query/Retrieve to download historical data,
  • Notify Start and End of Procedure Step to RIS and PACS,
  • Send acquired images and generated reports to PACS,
  • Perform Storage Commitment,
  • Print grayscale or color images,
  • Archive patient data to PDI compliant CD/DVD with a viewer.
Whether it is a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) or a traditional Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), MultiTech provides solutions and services for a customizable end product. We help medical devices communicate medical images in the standard format through standard interfaces in a vendor-neutral protocol.
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