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Hospital and -ology Information Systems

We offer a broad spectrum of enterprise wide medical images and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data management solutions. It includes the integration of Hospital Information System (HIS) with the satellite information systems such as Radiology, Cardiology and other -ology Information Systems. The suite of services is designed to empower the physicians and medical professionals to acquire, store, transmit, archive, reconcile and visualize multimodality digital medical information. Some of the sample applications include
  • Patient scheduling, registration and order entry,
  • Charge capture, billing and reconciliation,
  • Management of Scheduled, Performed, Joined and Abandoned Procedure Steps,
  • Load balancing and optimum utilization of assets such as CT/MR suites, operating rooms, hospital beds and emergency rooms,
  • Delivery of complex radiotherapy prescriptions and matching the actual treatment on Linacs with the prescription,
  • Brokerless bi-directional mapping of HL7 and DICOM messages.
We incorporate these services into the OEM vendor products as customized modules or install the same at the end user sites.
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